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Hello visitor/member, and welcome to the Millennium Force guild website.  Please feel free to take a look around on our site and see what we're all about.  I encourage all new members to drop in the forums, say hi and introduce yourself.

For all guests, if you're interested in joining our guild, please see the information below.

Thanks for stopping by, and enjoy your stay!
Guild Information    
Guild Summary

Allegiance: Republic

Server Name: Helm of Graush

Server Type:

Server Location: US East (EST)

Language: English

Play Style: Mostly social (see below for explanation)

Play Time: As much as you like

Voice Chat Available: Yes (not required)

Millennium Force is a Republic guild based in the central United States.  Our focus and goal is to create a fun and social environment for our members.  Whatever aspect of the game you enjoy, whether it be PVE, PVP, questing, raiding, role playing, or all the above, we strive to be able to provide our members the best experience in those aspects as possible.  We have a structured and unique formation to our guild that enables us to do this.

We will be located on a PVP server.  By no means does this mean that our main focus is PVP.  The reason behind this is to be able to provide that option to players that would prefer PVP aspects to the game.  You are more than welcome to solely do PVE if that's what you prefer.

We are based in the Midwest (Central Time Zone) at the core.  However, any players from any US time zone are welcome to join.  We should be able to accommodate your needs.  The only real strict requirement is that you speak English.

Our play style is not a strict, set-in-stone type.  It mostly depends on the make up of our individual members.  As stated above, we are mostly social.  This means that you get on the game, group up and enjoy whatever it is you like to do (PVP, PVE, etc).  There's no specified amount of time that you are required to play the game.  As much time as you can afford or would like to spend is all.  We are not a hardcore guild in a traditional sense, but are very organized and structured to fulfill the needs of some hardcore players.

We do provide group outings, organized events, and such activities for our members.  They are not mandatory to participate in, just something available to provide more value to players.

We also have a voice chat server to enhance the game experience.  Again, not required to use it, just an option for those that would like to.

If you are interested in joining Millennium Force, please put in an application.  Please also review our Membership Requirements and Expectations and Code of Conduct before submitting an application.  Creating a Guild Portal account is required to submit an application.  It's free to join, and is integrated in the beginning of the application process.  Once your application is reviewed, you will be notified via Guild Portal mail and in-game.

If you have any questions, feel free to post in our forums or send one of us a private message.  Thanks for your interest in Millennium Force.

May the Force be with you!
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